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at Fit Chiropractic & Sports Therapy in Courtenay, British Columbia. One study even showed that stretching cold muscles before a tough 3K left individuals starting their runs slower and at a greater perceived effort. And when your muscles aren’t signaling properly, it can lead to small injuries turning into larger problems over time. You are better off with a series of dynamic stretches—like lunges and squats—to get the blood flowing in the body. ( This 2-minute warmup should do the trick .) The benefits will be noticeable if you add just five to 10 minutes of dynamic stretching before you hit the roads or trails. “I forget to do a dynamic stretch as well, and I think maybe it is a time thing where you tell yourself ‘I’ll do this degenerative disc disease later. I’ll deal with it later,’” Vinge said. “If you do some activation and some dynamic warmups, you are going to be a stronger, faster runner.” Foam rolling and other ways to work out a knot or refresh your legs can be a good thing—in moderation. But less sometimes is actually more, according to Nurse. “I see a lot of people who tend to go overboard on that,” Nurse said.

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