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How Is Chiropractic Good For You?

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Questions To Raise About Crucial Criteria In Hong Kong

FILE - A policeman tries to stop members of the Demosisto political party and other pro-democracy activists from climbing a giant flower statue given to Hong Kong from Beijing in 1997 in Golden Bauhinia Square, Hong Kong, June 28, 2017. It just makes us worry about freedom of speech.” Lai says now is the time for people in Hong Kong to speak out, to ensure that there is no further erosion of the “one-country, two systems” model that was set up before the city’s return to China. The “one country, two systems” model was established before the handover to ensure that Hong Kong’s norms such as rule of law, freedom of expression and religion continued for 50 years after its return to Chinese rule. Now, just two decades since that event, there is growing concern that China is going back on its promises. “Why does the Chinese government not believe the can chiropractic help with anxiety Hong Kong people should have this type of democracy ((direct elections))?” asked C.Y. Wong, another participant. “It was promised in the Basic Law. We are not asking for anything extra.” Hong Kong’s mini-constitution, the Basic Law, guarantees universal suffrage and activists have called for direct elections for the territory’s chief executive. China ruled out that idea in 2012, maintaining that candidates be chosen by a committee made up largely of pro-Beijing members. Many see direct elections as crucial for Hong Kong’s development and argue that the stalled political reforms are dividing society and fueling concerns about a range of issues from the economy to education. "I don't like how the Chinese government is suppressing the voices of opposing views. I don't think that is how a country should work,” said Athena Tam, a university student in Hong Kong. FILE - Chinese President Xi Jinping inspects the People's Liberation Army of the Hong Kong Garrison at the Shek Kong Barracks in Hong Kong, June 30, 2017. Calvin Lai, a Hong Kong resident who is currently studying overseas, said that Hong Kong still has many advantages and opportunities, but it needs to focus on more than just real estate and finance.

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